About Heart of the Dove

Heart of the Dove
Las Cruces, New Mexico



Welcome to the Heart of the Dove website. We invite you to take a
journey with us opening the doors to our many different offerings and talented
individuals who create the Heart of the Dove.

We are dedicated to the “I AM Presence” and the teachings of the Ascended
Masters, the Council of Light and the Elohim.

Our channel and vessel for Master Hilarion and the Council of Light, Martha Turner,
offers group and private sessions with the Masters and
personal growth and spiritual development.

We offer many different classes and workshops by teachers and healers ranging
from introductory talks to longer commitments and practitioner training.
We offer five distinct pathways of learning: Spiritual, Metaphysical,

Healing, Personal Transformation and Ancient Wisdom. Each pathway has classes at
different levels to accommodate the needs of the student.

We welcome new students and teachers throughout the year and welcome you to
join us for our many different activities and group functions.

We are a non-profit, tax exempt organization and post secondary school.
Martha Turner is the founder, minister and spiritual leader. Rev. Turner is a
renowned channel and psychic with a following throughout the country. She is a
visionary with 33 years experience. She opens her heart and shares her love,
light and wisdom with all those whom she meets.

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